You can make good money by selling our company’s products. Why are we sure of that? The company’s products are in consistently high demand both in the Republic of Belarus and far beyond its borders.

But, more importantly for you, the price of our products is much lower than the prices of similar products of imported production. And all this at a similar and often higher quality. This means that you will be able to get a stable and high income from the sale of our products. In addition, there is a system of discounts for wholesalers.

We make a significant effort to ensure that the quality of our products remains at the level of world standards, and we hope that you and your customers will appreciate our efforts. We look forward to seeing you among our regular customers.

The management of the dobrush paper factory “Hero of Labor” is attentive to the new partners. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation in various options, including the dealership agreement. For our part, we guarantee decency, reliability and responsibility.

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