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Taking into account the advanced foreign experiences, the fabric began to use ecologically clean materials from the following companies «Clariant»(Germany), paints of «Basf» (Germany), «Akzo-Nobel»(Finland),  pearl and metallized pigments of «Merk» and «Eckar-Werket» (Germany), high-quality paper of  Russian: «Viborg cellulose», «Soviet paper» and others. As a result we produce high-quality product at the prices much less than the prices of foreign companies.  

The goods are certified due to State Standard 6810-2002(EH 233-89). The system of the quality and production management corresponds to international standard 9001(the conformance certificate was given by the State Standard of Byelorussia in 2001).

One of the main advantages of  JSC«Belorusskie oboi» factory is their high artistic level and durability. More than 400 designs of wide color range and different design schools were developed. There are wallpaper for living rooms: sitting room, hall, kitchen, for other rooms, for office and so on. The production range is widely increased by means of their improving using gravure embossing, pearl and PVC coating.