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JSC «Belorusskie oboi» is one of the largest wallpaper factories in CIS countries. The majority holding 38% belongs to the State, the rest 62% belongs to the personnel of the factory and to the city authorities.

JSC «Belorusskie oboi» was founded in 1994 on the base of the state factory «Minsk wallpaper factory». And then the way of development of the factory was chosen: to realize technical re-equipment as soon as possible in order to produce high-quality, competitive not only in our country but also abroad wallpaper.

Nowadays JSC «Belorusskie oboi» produces almost all types of wallpaper:

  • Gravure and flexo printing wallpaper with in-register embossing;
  • Duplex wallpaper;
  • Gravure and flexo printing wallpaper;
  • PVC coated wallpaper (washable);
  • Foaming wallpaper;
  • Textile wallpaper.